Whom do you serve? Can I benefit from AFSIM services?

AFSIM serves a broad clientele ranging from smallholder groups to large corporations and from local MSMEs to Developing Countries Governments.

Since 2017, we have served or assisted the following entities:

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    For Investors, AFSIM proposes to assist

    • – Assess projects’ feasibility and profitability
    • – Evaluate status, compliance and performance of local operators
    • – Validate growth projections and local drivers/constraints

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    For Public Institutions, AFSIM can support for

    • – Developing sustainable agri-food sector policies
    • – Develop capabilities and optimize performance of actors
    • – Enhance the official control and export-related conformity assessment functions
    • – Contribute to adapting to climate change

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    AFSIM supports Agricultural producers to:

    • – Improve profitability of their agricultural operations
    • – Increase yield
    • – Develop and optimize supply chains
    • – Optimize performance of livestock/poultry operations
    • – Build cooperation networks among producers
    • – Ensure local communities reap the benefits of economic growth

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    Food Business Operators can benefit from AFSIM services for

    • – Developing local production
    • – Managing the cost of raw materials
    • – Becoming compliant to the quality, hygiene and safety requirements
    • – Preparing certification to private standards (BRC, GlobalGAP, IFS, Sustainability standards…)

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    For Importers and Distributors, AFSIM proposes to

    • – Develop and increase supply through purchasing agreements or contract farming
    • – Adapt and respond to consumer demand
    • – Increase the offer in high quality products (quality certified products)
    • – Optimize the organization of the agri-food supply chain from its initial stages